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TMG Industrial Skid Steer Rotary Rock Picker, 30” Diameter Drum, 42” Barrel Depth, 1750-lb Load Capacity, 35-75 HP, Universal Mount, TMG-SRP30

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950.0 lb
63 x 54 x 32 inches
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  • Scoops up stones & leaves soil on the ground
  • Compatible w/35-75 HP skid steers
  • Powered by a heavy-duty direct drive hydraulic motor
  • 20 RPM max. barrel rotation w/1750 lb load capacity
  • Universal quick attach skid steer mount
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  • Caged barrel design allows you to easily scoop up rocks and other large debris while leaving the soil and earth on the ground
  • Rotary function allows rocks to self-clean inside the barrel, letting loose dirt and smaller debris fall through the 2-½” bar spacings
  • Equipped with a heavy-duty direct drive hydraulic motor that operates with over 3400 PSI of pressure and has a max. flow rate of 24 GPM
  • Save yourself, family members and employees from the exhausting work of stone removal, increase productivity and save money on labour costs
  • Load capacity of 1750 lb so you can really fill up the bucket to remove and process several stones at once and quickly process larger areas
  • Compatible with 35-75 HP skid steers and also fitted with a 4-½” spindle that contributes to a productive heavy workload efficiency
  • Universal quick attach mount is compatible with most skid steers and allows you to efficiently change between attachments


  • Barrel length: 42”
  • Barrel diameter: 30”
  • Barrel bars: 2” diameter solid rod
  • Spindle: 4-½”
  • Max. barrel rotation: 20 RPM
  • Load capacity: 1750 lb
  • Spin rotation: One way (counterclockwise)
  • Rock size: 2-½”
  • Hydraulic pressure: 2320-3480 PSI
  • Flow rate: 12-24 GPM
  • Skid steer power required: 35-75 HP

Shipping Information

The order will ship FREE from our main warehouse in Richmond, British Columbia. Under normal circumstances it will take us 2 to 3 business days to process the order and ship it. It will take up to 10 to 15 business days for the order to get to you based on where you are located and how accessible the location is.

  • This product is packed in a metal crate shipping box
  • Shipping dimension: 63” x 54” x 32” (L x W x H)
  • Shipping weight: 950 lb
Shipping from Richmond BC or Mississauga ON
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Product Description

The TMG-SRP30 Skid Steer Rotary Rock Picker makes the exhausting labour of removing rocks, stones and debris from your field simple and easy to do. Its caged barrel design works to efficiently scoop up stones using the power of your skid steer, and can then rotate to let smaller, loose debris fall through the cage bars, leaving your soil where it should be and removing rocks for clean working land.

Its heavy-duty direct drive hydraulic motor has a flow rate of up to 24 GPM and operates with over 3400 PSI of pressure for incredible torque and rotational power. Compatible with 35-75 HP skid steers and capable of holding up to 1750 lb of weight, this picker is a tough attachment that is going to save you hours out in the fields that can be used for more profitable tasks and activities.

There is a 2-½” spacing between each bar allowing anything smaller to fall through so you mitigate the removal of your land while clearing away rocks. This attachment is equipped with a universal quick mount that will fit most skid steer makes and models, and is a great piece of equipment to keep handy around your farm.


We're here to support you. This product is backed with our 1-year manufacturer warranty. Customer support and spare parts are offered from our headquarters located in Richmond, BC.
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