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TMG-TWB24 Truck Wheel Balancer with Air Powered Wheel Lift

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Product Description

The TMG Industrial TMG-TWB824 Truck Wheel Balancer is a reliable, and accurate computerized wheel balancer designed for commercial use. This wheel balancer is capable of automatic positioning of weights, self-calibration with static and dynamic balancing programming, and has the versatility to be used on just about any size assembly that rolls through your front door. The air operated lift saves your back from the strain of raising heavy tires and wheels. The TWB24 comes complete with a large assortment of center cones for balancing just about any truck tire or passenger tire.


  • Self-calibrating and self-diagnosis
  • Gram/ounce and millimeter/inch selections
  • Air-powered wheel lift
  • Multi cone sets and adapters for use with cars and light-duty trucks
  • Sided open hood allows for a broad range of tires
  • Motor: 120V/60Hz, 3/4HP, 1 phase
  • Max tire diameter: 47”
  • Max tire weight: 330 lb
  • Rim diameter: 13”-24”
  • Rim width: 5-1/2”-20”
  • Shaft size: 40mm
  • Measuring time: 8-10 secs (avg.)
  • Balancing speed: 220 rpm
  • Balancing modes: 1 dynamic/ 1 static/ 3 alloy
  • Dimension: 50” x 38” x 45”
  • Shipping weight: 710 lbs