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TMG Industrial 8800-lb 3-Point Hitch Forest Skidding Winch, 30-50 HP Tractor, Category 1 Hookup, 200’ Steel Cable, Tow-Behind, TMG-FW40T

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570.0 lb
48 x 54 x 20 inches
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  • Haul fallen trees up hills, out of wooded areas & away for processing
  • Compatible w/30-50 HP tractors & equipped with a Category 1 hookup
  • 8800 lb winch pulling capacity
  • Lever controlled clutch brake system gives the operator total control
  • Heavy-duty 200’ steel cable can be winched up to 180’ per minute
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  • Compatible with 30-50 HP tractors and perfect for hauling trees and lumber up hills, out of forests, across fields and to the shop for processing
  • Mechanical, dry disc clutch winch has a pulling capacity of up to 8800 lb and a winching speed of 180’ per minute to get the job done fast
  • Lever controlled clutch brake system gives the operator total control over the winch’s working action, maximizing work efficiency and safety
  • Slanted cutting edge digs into the ground and provides more base leverage to pull heavy logs especially when the tractor is on an incline
  • Overall heavy-duty, 485 lb steel construction is built to last and durable for many years of tough, powerful pulling performance
  • Safety and maintenance features like the safety screen mesh and removable clutch assembly are built in to provide a safe and long-lasting machine
  • Equipped with an included PTO driveline shaft and Category 1 hookup that easily attaches to your tractor so you can get straight to hauling


  • Tractor power required: 30-50 HP
  • Weight: 485 lb
  • Winch type: Mechanical, dry disc clutch
  • Winching speed: 180’/minute
  • Cable type: Steel
  • Cable length: 200’
  • Cable diameter: ⅜”
  • PTO input speed: 540 RPM
  • Safety screen mesh
  • Removable clutch assembly
  • Tow bar for choker chain
  • Lever controlled clutch brake system
  • PTO driveline shaft included

Shipping Information

The order will ship FREE from our main warehouse in Richmond, British Columbia. Under normal circumstances it will take us 2 to 3 business days to process the order and ship it. It will take up to 10 to 15 business days for the order to get to you based on where you are located and how accessible the location is.

  • This product is packed in a metal crate shipping box
  • Shipping dimension: 48” x 54” x 20” (L x W x H)
  • Shipping weight: 570 lb
Shipping from Richmond BC or Mississauga ON
In-store pickup is available
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Product Description

The TMG-FW40T 3-Point Hitch Forest Skidding Winch allows you to haul trees and lumber up to 8800 lb from the woods, up hills, across fields and anywhere you need them cleared from or brought to on your farm or rural property. Equipped with an included PTO driveline shaft and Category 1 hookup that is compatible with 30-50 HP tractors for a simple, quick-attach system that gets you working in no time.

A heavy-duty 200’ steel cable is dragged by a mechanical, dry disc clutch winch that has a pulling speed of up to 180’ per minute. This winch is built with safety in mind and has an integrated safety screen mesh, a tow bar for the choker chain, removable clutch assembly and lever controlled clutch brake system giving the operator total control over its working action.

Save money, time and labour by moving heavy timber on your own. Perfect for the commercial or personal use of contractors, farmers, landowners and anyone residing in a wooded or remote area. Haul trees for firewood processing and clear land to increase its utility, aesthetic and value. This winch ships free from our warehouse in Richmond, BC.


We're here to support you. This product is backed with our 1-year manufacturer warranty. Customer support and spare parts are offered from our headquarters located in Richmond, BC.

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