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SKU TMG-PSM27-30-Mjack

TMG Industrial Mobility Combo Kit for Sawmill PSM27 & PSM30, Rubber Torsion Axle, Sawhead Lockdown, Wheel Fenders, Wiring Harness, TMG-PSM27-30-Mjack

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290.0 lb
79 x 25 x 13 inches
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  • Enhanced stability w/2” hitch coupler & rubber torsion trailer axle
  • Reliable visibility using DOT-approved LED lights & wire harness adapter
  • Removable wheel fenders for unobstructed use & easy sawmill operation
  • Secure transportation ensured by sawmill head lock down kit
  • Compatible w/TMG-PSM27 & TMG-PSM30


  • A 2” hitch coupler forms a solid connection to provide increased braking stability, while the rubber torsion axle absorbs shocks even on uneven ground
  • Equipped with DOT-approved LED lights, including stop, turn, tail, and side markers, the package ensures excellent visibility during transportation.
  • The easily removable wheel fenders allow for unobstructed operation when using the sawmill or loading logs, providing hassle-free maneuverability
  • With the included sawmill head lock down kit, you can safely secure the sawmill head to the trailer for peace of mind and stability during transportation
  • Other high-quality components, including DOT-approved wheels, a 1650 lb (750 kg) rubber torsion axle, to offer superior long-lasting durability


  • Wheels: 13” x 6-½”, DOT approved
  • Rubber torsion axle capacity: 1650 lb (750 kg)
  • Hitch coupler: 2”
  • Tow bar length: 73”
  • LED trailer light: DOT approved
    • Includes: (2) turn lights, (2) combination lights, (2) side markers
  • Sawmill head lock down kit
    • roller locking (2pc), anti-rollover (2pc)
  • (2) Wheel fenders

Shipping Information

The order will ship FREE from one of our main warehouses in Canada. Under normal circumstances it will take us 2 to 3 business days to process the order and ship it. It will take up to 10 to 15 business days for the order to get to you based on where you are located and how accessible the location is.

  • This product is packed in a wood shipping box
  • Shipping dimension: 79” x 25” x 13” (L x W x H)
  • Shipping weight: 290 lb
Shipping from Richmond, BC, or Mississauga, ON
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TMG Industrial Mobility Combo Kit for Sawmill PSM27 & PSM30, Rubber Torsion Axle, Sawhead Lockdown, Wheel Fenders, Wiring Harness, TMG-PSM27-30-Mjack-shipping-info-image

Product Description

The TMG-PSM27-30-Mjack Mobility Package for TMG-PSM27 and TMG-PSM30 sawmills includes wheels, a rubber torsion axle, a sawmill head lock down kit, removable wheel fenders, LED lights, and a wiring harness for easy transport.

The 2” hitch coupler provides a robust connection, enhancing braking stability during transportation. A rubber torsion axle offers exceptional shock absorption for trailer stability even on uneven road surfaces. Equipped with LED lights, including stop, turn, tail, and side markers, the package provides reliable visibility powered through the standard wire harness adapter from your vehicle.

Upgrade your sawmill experience with this incredible heavy-duty mobility package. It delivers exceptional portability, convenience, and durability. Bring your craftsmanship wherever you go with its easy-to-use transport features.

Compatible with TMG-PSM27 and TMG-PSM30 sawmills.


We're here to support you. This product is backed with our 1-year manufacturer warranty. Customer support and spare parts are offered from our headquarters located in Richmond, BC.

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